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16V/500F_Ultracapacitor Module_Power Products_Ultracapacitor_Energy Conservation_New Energy_Shanghai GTCAP
  • Shipping Port:Shanghai
  • Model:GTSM-16V500FUS
  • Value:500F
  • Votage:16V
  • Feature:Large power,Compact, Extremely low ESR
  • MOQ:10pcs
  • Payment:T/T,L/C, Western Union,Paypal,Alipay
  • Color:Silver
  • Lead Time:7~30days
  • Brand:GTCAP
  • Product Origin:China
  • Introduction

16V/500F_Ultracapacitor Module_Power Products_Ultracapacitor_Energy Conservation_New Energy_Shanghai GTCAP


Green Tech Technologies offers 16V Ultracapacitor / Supercapacitor Modules for a wide range of industrial, transportation, and heavy duty applications. 


The 16-volt ultracapacitor is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for UPS, telecommunications, and other lighter duty industrial electronics applications (1,000,000 discharge-recharge cycles). 


Green Tech's ultracapacitors / supercapacitors are available in 10-, 12-, 20-, 24-, 32-, 16-, 48-, 64-, 75-, 90-  and 230 volts modules offering over 1 million duty cycles. These ultracapacitor modules are useful for a diverse range of energy storage and power delivery requirements, such as automotive, transportation, UPS, renewable energy, telecommunications, mining, heavy duty transportation and equipment, as well as applications operating under harsh temperature, humidity, and vibration conditions.




    Nominal capacitance

500 F

    Capacitance tolerance

+20% / -0%



    Rated voltage

16 V

    Absolute Maximum Voltage

17 V

    Maximum Series Voltage

750 V



    ESR, DC

1.8 mΩ



    Maximum continuous current (ΔT=40)

100 A

    Maximum peak current, 1 sec.

2,275 A

    Leakage current (Ic)

5.2 mA



Operating temperature range

 (Cell case temperature)

-40 to +65

Storage temperature range

-40 to +70


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