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THC2W Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor with large energy,large power
  • Shipping Port:Shanghai
  • Model:THC2W
  • Value:1100μF~150000μF
  • Votage:10V~125V
  • Feature:Large energy, high reliability,easily install
  • MOQ:1pcs
  • Payment:T/T,L/C, Western Union,Paypal,Alipay
  • Color:Gray
  • Lead Time:30days
  • Brand:GTCAP
  • Product Origin:China
  • Introduction

THC2W High Energy Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor

 (Hermetic sealed & Military standard)


Characteristics and Applications

All tantalum case, hermetic sealed, Cylindrical, redial leads,Polar, with screws, convenient to fix

This product is made up of tantalum capacitor and electrochemical capacitor

Stable electric performance, high reliability, long life, large energy density per unit volume,

Store much energy. Capacitance larger than THC1W.

Used as battery in Energy conversion circuit and power pulse circuit, Perform Energy storage,

filter, power-off delay in circuit.

Standard: QJ/PWV304-2008


How to order: THC2W-10V100000μF-M100pc


Technical Performance

Temperature range: -55~+125(>85 use derated voltage

Store environment temperature: -62~+130

Capacitance tolerance: M=±20%Q=-10%~+30%

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