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GTCAP achieved great success in Electronica 2016 Munich, Germany

GTCAP in 2016 Munich exhibition debut and achieved great success.

 Our company attaches a great importance to this exhibition, before the exhibition we made a meticulous preparation for Europe and the world market to do a very high-quality display in the display of samples, we exhibited the most cost-effective super capacitor, tantalum capacitors and mica capacitors products, and to provide customers with a variety of super capacitor application solutions to attract the attention of a large number of customers and their interests for many customers in the super-capacitor applications which provide a very practical technical support.


As an experienced capacitor supplier, we have met with many new and old customers in this exhibition. Through the communication with customers, we understand the different requirements and technical confusion of customers and help them to solve the problem including many thorny issues. Our product quality and professional services have won high recognition from our customers. During the exhibition, we have obtained more than 30 new customers' cooperation intention contracts and looked forward to developing the new market in the near future with GTCAP.