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Shanghai Green Tech Co., Ltd adheres to the concept of environmental protection and green science and technology, also operates in an environmentally responsible manner. We have been established environmental protection team in each department and implement seriously the formal environment management system ISO 14001 with mutual supervision and regular assessment. Also in the process of meet our customer needs, we commit to energy conservation, emission reduction, pollution abatement to minimize the negative effects our operations have on our environment.

For these reasons we have set policies as below:

1. Everyone involves, each department set environmental protection team

2. Evaluate each step of design, production and sales, and formulate concrete measures of energy saving and emission reduction according to the production scale properties.

3. Recycling materials and reduce waste

4. Comply with laws and regulations on environmental and other requirements, set resulting criterions with maintain and management on them.

5. Promise environment protection, maintain and improve the environment protection system.

6. Learn favorable experience of other enterprise, improve own operation level of environmental protection technology.

7. Improve the environmental consciousness, regularly organize learning and education activities to improve all our responsibility sense.

8. Green and environmental protection concept and publicly open policy.
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