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Shanghai Green Tech can provide several systematic technical supports to customers, including product testing, application, maintenance, as well as product related research and development trend analysis. We own a strong and experienced technical service team, which can offer services according to customers’ requirement and needs.

We can also supply special product design to meet special data requirements, covering supplementary services including the whole system. Such as high-temperature ultracapacitor(super capacitor), super capacitor modules, super capacitor balancing circuit and charge-discharge control of super capacitor modules; development and customization of high-temperature tantalum capacitor, hybrid tantalum capacitor, high-temperature mica capacitor, high voltage mica capacitor and high frequency mica capacitor.

Shanghai Green Tech follows an open technical service and plays an active part in world’s leading technical innovation seminar and rulemaking of capacitor industry. In the meanwhile, we have cooperated with peers, various universities and research institutes so as to create value for our society through continuous learning and improvement.

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