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The Application of Super Capacitor Will Expending


With the domestic energy storage market in full swing, super capacitor, a new energy storage technology with high power density and high security characteristics, is also blooming with new luster. Compared with other energy storage devices, the advantage of super capacitor lies in the ability of charge and discharge with large current, and its disadvantage is low energy density and poor self discharge performance. Therefore, it has certain development potential in the field of braking energy recovery in rail transit, start-sto

At present, the cost of super capacitor is higher than that of battery, which limits its large-scale production. In addition, the energy density of super capacitor is not high enough, which limits its application field.

For the rapid development of super capacitor, we need to start from the following aspects: first, the localization of super capacitor materials to reduce costs; second, the introduction of production line and production control management system with high degree of automation to ensure the monomer consistency of energy storage devices; third, the optimization of material system to improve the energy density of super capacitor to meet the application needs of different fields.p device of automobile and electromagnetic gun of military.

Whether it is a double layer capacitor or a hybrid capacitor, the cost mainly concentrates on the electrode, and 70% of the cost of the electrode comes from the electrode material. Up to now, the electrode materials of the double-layer capacitor are mainly made by Koli from Japan. For the hybrid super capacitor, the electrode materials used are highly localized and the cost can be effectively controlled.

In addition, with the gradual improvement of the energy density of super capacitor and consideration of certain power density, its application scale has been expanded year by year, from the initial fields of wind power, port, rail transit, etc., to the current application fields of tram, new energy vehicle, start stop power supply, etc.

Although the manufacturing cost of lithium battery has declined to a certain extent in recent years, super capacitors still have irreplaceable advantages over batteries. It is mainly reflected in: the safety of super capacitor is much better than that of lithium battery, and there will be no more serious fire and explosion; super capacitor has the ability of high current charge and discharge (≥ 65℃), and the limit of lithium battery is generally 5C, which can not achieve instant fast charge and discharge; the low-temperature performance of super electric container is often better than that of lithium battery, which can work at a lower temperature, while lithium The battery is better than the one affected by chemical reaction activation energy, and its low temperature performance is poor; the super capacitor is almost maintenance free in the whole life cycle, and the cycle life can reach hundreds of thousands to millions of times, while the lithium battery has many side reactions in the cycle process, so its cycle life is relatively short for the super capacitor, only thousands of times.

Therefore, super capacitor can develop and expand in the application fields which it has advantages and extend to other application fields.

In future, Shanghai Green Tech will continue to upgrade our products and develop new energy storage devices to meet the requirements of new applications.

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