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What is Silver Mica Capacitors?


Silver mica capacitor is a kind of capacitor, its shape is mostly square. It uses natural mica as the medium between capacitor poles, so its voltage withstanding performance is quite good. Electrode plates made of metal foil or silver sprayed on mica sheets After laminating the plates with mica layer by layer, they are then die-cast in bake lite powder or sealed in epoxy resin.Its characteristics are low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance and low temperature coefficient, which are suitable for big current and medium and high frequency circuits.

Application of Silver Mica Capacitor

Mica capacitors are normally used in radio receiving and transmitting equipment, precision electronic instruments, modern communication instruments and equipment, radios, power amplifiers and television sets and etc.

GTCAP Silver Mica Capacitors are widely used in high voltage transmission, satellite, aerospace, Ship, medical equipment, oil-down-hole-drilling equipment, welding machine, metallurgy equipment, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of Silver Mica Capacitor


1. Low loss.

2. Good heat resistance. GTCAP CVG series silver mica capacitor can work under -55°C~+200°C.

3. Good performance at high frequency circuit. Because of its low intrinsic inductance, silver mica capacitors can work at higher frequency. Experiments show that the max working frequency of GTCAP silver capacitors can reach 1MHz.

4. High accuracy


1.Volume is big relative to its capacity

2.Prices are relatively high than other capacitors

Difference between mica capacitance and general capacitance

Mica capacitor is made of tin foil and mica sheet by lamination and die casting in bakelite powder Due to the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of mica material, the inductance and leakage loss of mica capacitor are very small, with the advantages of wide voltage range, high reliability, stable performance and high capacity accuracy. It is especially suitable for high frequency oscillation circuit, high precision operational amplifier, filter circuit and other occasions.

Technical parameters of mica capacitor

Mica capacitor, as a kind of nonpolar capacitor, has great advantages compared with general nonpolar capacitor, which can be said to be the best one. Generally, the capacity is between 4.7-51000pf, and the accuracy can reach ± 0.01 % - ± 0.03 %, which is difficult to achieve by general capacitance (compared with some low-frequency ceramic capacitors and some aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the capacity accuracy is generally ± 20%, which can reach ± 50 [%] at most.) The DC withstand voltage of mica capacitor is generally 100-5kv, and the maximum is 40kV. Compared with the famous CBB, which is famous for its high voltage withstand, it is much higher than the general non-polar porcelain dielectric capacitance.

The temperature coefficient of mica capacitance is small, which can reach within 1 * 10 ^ (- 6) / ℃, much better than the general organic film capacitance (such as polyester capacitance),

and ceramic capacitor can not compare with mica capacitor in capacitance.

Mica capacitor can work in high temperature environment, and the maximum ambient temperature can reach 460 ℃, which is far higher than the general ceramic capacitor (the biggest disadvantage of this kind of capacitor is the poor temperature characteristics), and the general aluminum electrolytic capacitor can only work in 105 ℃.

The long-term storage of mica capacitance changes between 0.01 % - 0.02 %, which is also better than the general capacitance.

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