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  • How to Test A Super Capacitor(Ultracapacitor)?

    How to Test A Super Capacitor(Ultracapacitor)?

    Super capacitors also called ultracapacitors and electric double layer capacitors (EDLC) are capacitors with capacitance values greater than any other capacitor type available today. Super capacitors have the highest capacitive density available today with densities so high that these capacitors can be used to applications normally reserved for batteries. Super capacitors are not as volumetrically...
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  • Green Tech Technical Service

    Green Tech Technical Service

    Shanghai Green Tech can provide several systematic technical supports to customers, including product testing, application, maintenance, as well as product related research and development trend analysis. We own a strong and experienced technical service team, which can offer services according to customers’ requirement and needs. We can also supply special product design to meet special data requ...
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