GTCAP Hybrid Super Capacitor Handling Precautions and Guidelines


hybrid super capacitors

For safety application, please follow GTCAP hybrid super capacitors handling precautions and guidelines critical to application. 

1,  Precautions

1)Prohibition of disassembly

The disassembly may generate internal short circuit in the capacitor, which may cause gas, leakage, fire or other problems.

2)Prohibition of dumping capacitors into fire

These may cause fire of the capacitors, which is very dangerous and forbidden.

3)Prohibition of capacitors immersion into water or seawater

The capacitors shall never be immersed into water, seawater or other similar liquid, and keep the capacitors in a cool dry environment during no using.

4)Prohibition of using damaged capacitors

The capacitors may be damaged during shocking of shipment. If any abnormal features of the capacitors are found such as damages in the package, electrolyte leakage, drumming gas or others, prohibition of using the capacitors.

5)Prohibition of short-circuit or using for under the min. working voltage which may cause to gas, leakage, fire or other problems.

6)Prohibition of reversing the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals. Which may cause to gas, leakage, fire or other problems

2,  Handling Guidelines

1)It's not suitable for such conditions: AC circuit and wave filtering.

2)Working voltage should not exceed to the Max. working voltage of capacitors when using.

3)Please check the polarity before using.

4)Environment: Working temperature has an influence on shelf life of capacitors, which can't exceed to the high temperature of capacitors.

5)IR drop: We should consider the voltage drop and heat with the IR drop , when using the capacitors with a big power charge/discharge. The IR drop usually be specified in the datasheet.

6)Rate current: The terminal tab of the capacitor has a max. constant current by consider the heat. We should not exceed the rated current when using.

7)Capacitors in series connection: When capacitors in series connection for higher voltage, it should be assured that working voltage of any singer capacitor must not exceed to the limit of the max. and min. working voltage.

8)Capacitors in connection: The terminal tab can use laser welding, ultrasonic welding, rivet connection or other connections. When using these connections we should consider the reliability and low resistance.

9)Soldering: Please use manual soldering for breadboard. Don't use reflow soldering or wave-soldering of infrared heating and air heating. Heat shock will decrease electric performance of capacitors, even cause to swell, leakage or crack. Soldering temperature should not exceed 260℃ and soldering time not exceed 5s.

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