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How to Produce A Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor?


tantalum capacitor

Step 1 : Shaping

Shap high purity tantalum powder with tantalum wires into a basic tantalum block.

Step 2: Sintering

Burn tantalum block under high temperature and vacuum condition to make part of it melt.

Step 3: Power enabling

Lay tantalum block into electrolyte, tantalum block connect with anode and electrolyte connected with cathode. Ta2O2 electrolyte film will form on tantalum block surface after applied voltage and current flow over.

Step 4: Filming

Put power enabled tantalum block into Mn(NO3)2 solution, decomposes Mn(NO3)2 into MnO2. Repeat this process many times to fulfill tiny pores of tantalum block.

Step 5: Coating

Cover with graphite and silver on layer MnO2, and solid tantalum capacitor production process finished.

Step 6: Sealing

Pack differ according to differenty type.

Step 7: Aging

Separate and remove defective objects via adding certain voltage and temperature.

Step 8: Testing

Thorough test each capacitor’s all parameters.

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