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How to Store and Maintance SMD/Chip Tantalum Capacitor?


Chip tantalum capacitor

1. Don’t use it under following condition

  • Water, salt water, oil ect can touch tantalum capacitor directly.
  • Direct sunshine to capacitor.
  • High temperature, high humidity and other condition will make capacitor surface getting frost.
  • Active gases exist enviroment.
  • Acid or alkaline enviroment.
  • High frequency electromagnetic induction enviroment
  • Overvibration or shock enviroment.

2. Mantiance and inspection

Please make sure checking machine’s electric potential and polarity before test capacitor terminals. It will cause short-cut if inverse voltage applied. Besides, don’t let it touch any other electron componets ternminal while on checking with current runnning, also don’t bend capacior container.

3. Faults occurre
  • Please cut power immediately if there is smoke and stink after power on.
  • Don’t get close to capacitor with hand and face while it si burning.
  • The expoxy layer will smoke, tantalum elements will burning and other reaction will occurring when shorcut happen.


  • Expiration period is 10 years in theory(weldability except).
  • Keep tantalum capacitor with pack, free of direct sunlight and dust.
  • Keep tantalum capacitor under room temperature (-10℃~40℃) and room humidity (<80%RH).
  • Terminal weldability and capacitor property will decline if on high temperature and humidiy condition for long time.

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