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Reliability of GTCAP Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors


Tantalum capacitor failure rate differ per applicated condition (environmental temperature, voltage, resistance, circuit, and so on), so do adequately use conditions and select the appropriate product.

(1) Failure rate of capacitors designed generally based on failure rate under 85℃ apply rated voltage continuously 1000hs. Voltage and crrent peak pack, ripple current and other unexpected things exist in real cuicuit, so lower voltage design is needed, and we suggest reduced below 65%UR(rated voltage) as normal.

(2) When apply to safety devices, please pay attention to following points to prevent shurt-cut, open circuit in order to insure safty.

* Add protective circuit and protective unit, use in set to insure safty.

*Add redundant circuit. When one unit fail, it won’t affact the other uints of whole system.

(3) Completly discharge non solid electrolyte tantalum capacitor before leakage detective with pH test strips, otherwise OH-lost the charge of positive charge to strip due to the effect of plated charges, and will result in H+ in water excess which will lead to mis-judge as leakage.

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