Classification Advantages of Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors


Electrical Double-Layer Capacitor, also called super capacitor, is a new type of energy storage device. It has high energy density electrochemical capacitor, which is thousands of times higher than general electrolytic capacitor. Double layer capacitor has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and environmental protection.

Classification  of Electrical Double-Layer Capacitor

1. According to the principle, it can be divided into: double layer super capacitor and pseudo capacitor super capacitor

2. According to the type of electrolyte, it can be divided into water-based electrolyte and organic electrolyte

In addition, it can be divided into:

1. The electrolyte of most super capacitors is liquid.

2. Solid electrolyte supercapacitors, with the development of solid state electrolyte for lithium ion batteries, the electrolyte used in supercapacitors is also studied for solid electrolyte such as gel electrolyte and PEO.

Electrical Double-Layer Capacitor

Advantages of Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors

1. Long life, can maintain millions of charging cycle life. Due to the large number of charging and discharging cycles of capacitors (millions or more, compared with the 200-1000 times of most commercial rechargeable batteries), capacitors can be used continuously in the life of most equipment, which makes the equipment more environmentally friendly. The life of rechargeable batteries is usually only a few years, and their highly active chemical electrolytes have hidden dangers in handling and safety. The double layer capacitor can also be combined with the battery to play a charge regulation function, to store the energy from other energy sources to achieve the purpose of load balancing, and then use the rechargeable battery, as long as the capacitor is not full, any extra energy can be used.

2. Low average cost per cycle.

3. Good reversibility.

4. Very high charge and discharge rates.

5. Very low internal resistance (ESR), high cycle efficiency (over 95%) and very low heat release.

6. High output power.

7. High specific power. According to the test results of its (Transportation Research Institute, Davis, California), the specific power of the double-layer capacitor can exceed 6kW / kg, with 95% efficiency;

8. The use of non corrosive electrolyte and low toxicity materials improves the safety;

9. Simple charging method, do not need to carry out overcharge detection, because there is no possibility of overcharge;

10. When used with rechargeable batteries, in some applications, capacitors can provide energy in a very short period of time, reduce the battery cycle rate, and extend the battery life.

Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors Application

Double layer capacitors are widely used. As the power balance power supply of lifting device, it can provide super current power; as the starting power supply of vehicle, the starting efficiency and reliability are higher than the traditional battery, which can completely or partially replace the traditional battery; as the traction energy of vehicle, it can produce electric vehicle, replace the traditional internal combustion engine, transform the existing trolleybus; as the military, it can guarantee the tank car As the pulse energy of laser weapons, armored vehicles and other combat vehicles start up smoothly (especially in cold winter). In addition, it can also be used for energy storage of other mechanical and electrical equipment.

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