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GTCAP Ultracapacitors Used in Military, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Due to the rapid ultracapacitots charging and discharging, can adapt to a wide range of work, long cycle life, and true maintenance-free power supply, GTCAP ultracapacitors can be used as a submarine and ship main and auxiliary power supply equipment, ultra low temperature starting power supply of tanks and armored carriers; power of spacecraft and radar; main and quxiliary of field hospital medical equipment and individual small radio station. In very cold regions, using supercapacitors as cold start power of military vehicles to promote alpine combat capabilities. Even under-25℃ low temperature conditions they remain good maneuverability.

In mobile communication base stations, satellite communication systems, wireless communication systems, high discharge power is required, and supercapacitors with high power output characteristics, these systems can meet the power requirements. In addition, laser weapons also require high-power pulse power supply for mobile, must have powerful generators or large capacity batteries, its weight and volume will reduce the mobility of laser weapons. Super capacitor for high power output and can be fully charged within a short time, is the best power supply for laser weapons. In addition, Super capacitors can also be used for tactical weapons (electromagnetic bombs), as the bomb generators (FCC) core components.

GTCAP Ultracapacitors

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