How GTCAP Ultracapacitors Work in Cars?


GTCAP ultracapacitors assist in start and stop, also as back-up power.

Supply power and steady voltage in start-stop system, provide back-up power and peak power for car electric power. Also can storage power of braking in recycle system, reduce oil usage, extend battery life.

Application principle:

Ultracapacitor can be applied in hybrid power system with battery to assist start-stop system.

It realse power to offer peak energy when car start, speed-up or climb. Meanwhile, it absorb fast and charge itself when car brake or slow down.

Advantage of car with ultracapacitor

  • Enhance the efficiency of energy utilization.
  • Keep the engine running in ideal state.
  • Extend battery life.
  • Improve low temperature start ablility.
  • Reduce petrol usage.
  • Reduce pollution caused by exhaust.

car start ultracapacitors

More information:

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