Super Capacitor Module Works for Wind Power As Back-up Power


Super Capacitor Modules For Wind Power

Pitching Control System

Green Tech provides all-weather module solutions as the back-up power supply for the pitching control systems of wind turbines, to improve the reliability, safety and free of maintenance.

Generation applications may include:

- Wind Pitch Control

- Frequency Regulation

- Voltage Control and Power Quality

- Renewables Capacity Firming/Ramping

- Peak Shaving and Load Leveling

- Spinning Reserve

High voltage system:

80V/85V/90V/160V super capacitor required in series to meet with different voltage and capacitance need.

Low voltage system:

Connect 16V/18V/48V super capacitor in series or use 80V super capacitor module directly per blade pitch system power need.

Application of GTCAP
in pitching control systems of wind turbines

Super Capacitor Modules For Wind Power

Application Principle

Super capacitor is now used to replace lead-acid batteries as the backup power supply for pitching control systems of wind turbines.

The characters of wide working temperature, long life cycle make super capacitor system more reliable and maintenance free than the batteries.

Application Scheme-Advantages

1. Reliable balancing protection for cells;

2. Equipped with over-voltage or over-temperature alarming system;

3. Small volume, light weight, compact structure, flexbile for installation in the cabinet;

4. Well protected for all weather;

5. Reliable performance under low temperature, suitable to all weather in wind field (- 40~ + 65);

6. long lifetime, able to work as long as 10 years in normal working conditions.

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