Super Capacitor Modules For Smart Grid and Micro Grid


Smart Grid and Micro Grid

Smart Grid

Modules or all-in-one power apply in auto device of grid as back-up power for monitor instrument, signal trans device and actuator. They meet with the long life, high reliability, low or free maintance, wide temperature requirements of grid system.

Micro Grid

Super capacitor modules, grouped super capacitors or relative components work as emergency power in low temperature or when battery fail. They also can be used when vehicle under condition of maintance or wait for rescue as power of the energy storage unit.

Application of GTCAP
in Smart Grid & Micro Gird

Super Capacitor Modules For Smart Grid and Micro Grid

Application Principle

Super capacitors characteristics of long life cycle, wide working temperature range and maintenance free make it suitable for the unattended transmission stations of GRID. Traditionally batteries are used in the transmission stations. But the small failures of batteries always cause the serious system failure. To replace the batteries, super capacitor modules need DC/DC convertors to provide constant voltage.

In the Micro-Grid, the power of the grid is always design to fit the normal load. There are always some loads with instantaneous power requirements, such as the motors. Super capacitor as a power type component can provide instantaneous high power with long life time. Super capacitor system are integrated with lithium batteries or flute batteries in a complex energy storage system which is controlled by power control systems (PCS).

Application Scheme-Advantages

1. High power performance;

2. Rapid response of high output current;

3. Long lifetime (10 years);

4. Wide range working temperature (-40~70);

5. Intelligent Management;

6. Various communication protocol;

7. Easy to be integrated;

8. Well protected from weathers.

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